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Do you require legal assistance in criminal or white-collar criminal law?
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Dr. Johannes Makepeace


As a criminal defense attorney, I strive to provide a competent defense to individuals facing severe criminal proceedings that often threaten their existence to achieve the best possible result.

For me, criminal defense means one hundred percent commitment to the rights of the accused without compromise.

I am convinced that an adequate, legally competent, and critical defense is necessary in all criminal proceedings and at all stages of the proceedings to safeguard the functionality of our constitutional state and the rule of law. It is essential to ensure that the unheard is heard and to prevent a presumptuous and hasty pursuit of the truth.

– Your criminal defense attorney in Munich

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Criminal law is a unique area of the legal system that undergoes constant changes and has unpredictable jurisdiction. I have decided to specialize exclusively in criminal law to do justice to these special features.

This area of law demands a high level of expertise in economic, social, professional, and psychological issues, but most importantly, a strong relationship of trust with the client and the willingness to always choose the best possible advice and strategy in the client's interests. This holds true regardless of the accusation or the extent of the proceedings.

Please keep in mind that the following guidelines and information only provide an initial overview of the most common criminal law emergencies based on experience. They do not replace binding legal advice.

Emergency guidelines

If you are a defendant in criminal proceedings, it is recommended to make use of your right to remain silent. Silence is the most effective defense. Complete silence must not be used to your disadvantage or as evidence of your guilt.

As the accused, you always have the right to consult a lawyer.

Feel free to contact me.

In case of an acute emergency, such as an arrest or a search, I am available to you 24/7.


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